How Deep Tissue Massage Relieves Back Pain

The American Chiropractic Association has conducted a research that shows that 8 out of 10 people will suffer back pain in their lifetime. So it is important for the people to have full knowledge of how to deal with back pains. The two main types of back pains are dabbed acute and chronic. Acute back pain occurs for a short period. It could last for hours or a few days. However, the acute back pain could cause insomnia. Lack of sleep due to the severe pains it brings could cause stress.

On the other hand chronic, back pain lasts for a prolonged period. It could last for days, weeks or even months. If not attended early it could result in stress, depression, and high blood pressure among other adverse effects. So there is a need for anyone suffering from any back pain to seek medical care.

Many physicians recommend deep tissue massage which has been found to be very effective in relieving back pain. The deep tissue massage is good because it focuses on the deep layers of the muscles and tissues. Below are the points on how deep massage helps relieve back pain.

Increased blood circulationDeep tissue massage helps reduce tension in the muscles and tissues. Thus, increases blood flow allowing the muscles and tissues to be fed with nutrients. The increased blood flow also helps in getting rid of the metabolic waste.

Enhances sleep When deep tissue massage is done by a professional, it helps deal with stiffness in the muscles. It also helps deal with widespread pain. The tension in the muscles is best reduced by deep tissue massage. When muscles and tissues relax, a person could achieve good sleep.

FlexibilityThe deep tissue massage helps restore strained or torn muscles. Even the tight muscles recover from deep tissue massage. When this happen the back gets back to normal- motion at the back gets back to normal.

The feel good hormones also get a boost from the deep tissue massage. It is, however, advisable for the people suffering from back pains to seek medical advice before committing to getting a massage. Even though, deep tissue massage does not alter any tissue arrangement, unlike surgery it always good to get a recommendation from a qualified physician because back pains could be caused by something more serious.